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Pups born 3rd August 2014

Neigepearl Princeton J'Afar AI

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Neigepearl Future Hope

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Given the quality and success of Ajax and Gypsy's litter (born 2013), we decided to breed Ajax's brother Jasper, and Gypsy's sister, Oona together, hoping for a similiar outcome, such as Neigepearl Bowser (pictured above in the middle). We expect very similiar quality puppies, except with stronger bone and substance.


3 male and 2 female pups were born 3rd August 2014. They will be ready to go at 8 weeks old, approximately early October 2014.


All puppies from this litter are already reserved.


To be eligible for a puppy from any future litters, please fill out our Puppy Questionnaire.


Please visit our main Puppies page to read more


We are ranked as the number #1 White Shepherd breeder in Australia, producing the highest number of dogs x-rayed, with the best hip and elbow scores.


Our homebred dogs are DNA tested and clear of MDR1 (multi drug resistance gene) and DM (degenerative myelopathy). MDR1 is a sensitivity where dogs affected or carriers of this can have adverse reactions (even fatal) to anaesthetics and common medications. DM is an incurable, progressive disease of the canine spinal cord. Degenerative myelopathy initially affects the back legs and causes muscle weakness and loss, and lack of coordination. These cause a staggering affect that may appear to be arthritis. The dog may drag one or both rear paws when it walks. This dragging can cause the nails of one foot to be worn down. The condition may lead to extensive paralysis of the back legs. As the disease progresses, the animal may display symptoms such as incontinence and has considerable difficulties with both balance and walking. Clearing our dogs of all diseases that our breed can have, is very important to us, and should be equally important to you should you wish to have a happy and healthy pet.


All our puppies are priced at $2000-2400. Pets are sold at a discounted price and must be de-sexed between 6 and 12 months old.  All puppies are sold under our Puppy Sale Contract/Guarantee.


  • Full guarantee against hip AND elbow dysplasia and all other breed-specific/hereditary diseases

  • Their first vaccination (6 weeks old)

  • Regularly wormed

  • Micro-chipped and vet checked

  • Videos and photos available which document their growth from birth

  • Pedigree papered & registered with the WGSDAV (local lines are not registrable with the ANKC at this point in time)

  • 12 month membership with the WGSDAV, so you can attend all events, activities & training

  • Our very own original Comprehensive & Educational Puppy Pack (put together by breed experts, top trainers and behaviourists)

  • $100 Rebates for each ANKC title achieved

  • Free training advice/behaviour consultations

  • Lifetime breeder support (goes without saying)

  • Free professional pet photography sessions for our website (within Victoria)


We have dedicated years pouring over pedigrees, bloodlines, researching genetic health and quality in the dogs we use in our breeding program.  We only use dogs of stable temperament and sound health and conformation. We are a breeder who will bend over backwards to help you raise a magnificent, healthy and sound companion.


Puppy photos will be added to this page as they are born and as they grow, so keep keep checking back on this page for updates.

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