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AJCH, ACH, DCH Finn vom Sutumer Grund BH/VT, AD, SCHH1, SCHH2, IPO3


























DOB: 08 July 2006


ED 1

MDR1: +/+ (clear)

DM: N/N (clear)

MH (Malignant Hyperthermia) N/N (clear)

D locus (Dilution factor) D/D no dilution

Height: 63 cms

Weight 36 kgs


Click here for Finn's Pedigree


Finn is from the best white lines in Germany, in type, conformation and working character. He has a performance orientated pedigree and was bred by the famous Sutumer-Grund-Kennels.


Finn has achieved amazing things in the show ring and the working ring. He has an awesome character and he just adores children. He also carries the long coat gene.


His temperament is excellent, very open and friendly and he has a lot of play-drive. He is a proven producer of quality offspring and he has certainly done this in Australia when we bred him. We have found Finn to be a fantastic producer – one of the best we have seen. His frozen semen was used with Neigepearl Ebony Stargate in 2012 and 10 puppies were born, all of excellent quality and very satisfactory hip scores, all within strict breeding range.


Many of Finn's offspring are Service dogs, working as Police K9, Blind Guides, Therapy & Rescue Dogs. Even his grandchildren are just about the same. He is a proven strong producer of passing on his fantastic qualities!


His puppies have the most confident and outgoing temperaments and are energetic and friendly. Two of Finn’s sons (Neigepearl Tokra Fury AI and Neigepearl Princeton J’afar) are in our breeding program and we look forward to using Finn again with suitable girls again in the future.


Thank-you Silvia for the lovely photos and for giving us this opportunity to use Finn in our breeding program!

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