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Neigepearl Zac





























DOB: 15 November 2010

MDR1 +/+ (clear) by parentage

DM: N/N (clear by parentage)

Hips 1:1

Elbows 0:0

Australian Grade 0

International Grade A2

We have frozen semen from Zac from 2012


Click here for Zac's Pedigree


Zac is co-owned with us and the Schofield family.  When Zac's original owner, Bill could not take him with them when they moved interstate, we the Schofield family stepped up to give him a good home. 

Zac is a very fun loving male who enjoys playing and just adores children.  Zac is very loyal and is a perfect family dog.  He is very social and thrives on ball or toy play.  He is a very confident dog who is great with people. Zac is a third generation Neigepearl bred dog.

Zac is masculine, has very solid bone, black pigmentation, full dentition and very dark eyes. White plush with slight cream colour in coat.  He carries the long coat gene.  He is a proven producer of excellent quality puppies, and produces very much like himself. 

These lovely photos of Zac were recently taken by Naomi Schofield.

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