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“We recently purchased Neigepearl White Phoenix (Loki) from Brooke.


Brooke has been fantastic from the very first day we contacted her asking about

White Shepherds. She as been incredibly helpful and is always extremely

professional. When we spoke to Brooke we learnt very quickly that the well-being

of the dog is her main concern.


We were very impressed with all the questions she asked us to see if a White

Shepherd was going to fit in as a member of our family, and was going to get the

care and attention it needed.


With Brooke it’s not a question of money, it’s all about what’s best for the dog.


We have contacted Brooke to the point of harassment through this whole

process, with a million questions that she has always had time to answer.

Not once did she make us feel anything was too much trouble or any question

too silly.


Loki is now 12 weeks old, and we could not be happier. He has fitted into our

family perfectly. He is incredibly bright and as a result of following the information

Brooke gave us when we picked him up, he can already sit, drop, shake hands

and come when called, with the occasional roll over when he wants his tummy

rubbed. He has exceeded our expectations in every way and is a beautiful,

loving pup.


We could not recommend Brooke more highly; she is an amazing and intelligent woman with an unabashed love for the White Shepherds and their well-being.


If you want the best for you and your new pup, then talk to Brooke, listen to what she has to say, and you will not be disappointed. Thanks again Brooke!”


Mackenzie Family, Victoria



“Since first having the pleasure of making Brooke's acquaintance some years ago, I am pleased to say that I not only have a beautiful Neigepearl dog but I also count Brooke as a dear friend.


                                                                                                                                     As someone who has been involved in the

                                                                                                                                     world of purebred dogs and dog showing

                                                                                                                                     since childhood, I speak from long

                                                                                                                                     experience when I say that Brooke's ethics

                                                                                                                                     and sincerity could put many a breeder to



                                                                                                                                     She is tireless in her efforts to promote,

                                                                                                                                     support and educate people of this breed

                                                                                                                                     both in Australia and overseas. And indeed

                                                                                                                                     in many circles (ie German Shepherds

                                                                                                                                     mostly) her reputation precedes her!


                                                                                                                                    But what has made me particularly impressed 

                                                                                                                                    is her support as a breeder, she ensures that

                                                                                                                                    she knows the wellbeing of not only dogs she

                                                                                                                                    has breed but any White Shepherd she

                                                                                                                                    hears of.





Again Brooke's ceaseless efforts to ensure that this breed is maintained as a sound, well adjusted, healthy dog is enough to make one feel quite exhausted!  I would certainly recommend Neigepearl White Shepherds to anyone as I know any prospective owner can expect full support, education and ethical breeding from Brooke”.


Mika Graham, QLD

“In September 2009, we finally took home our beautiful Neigepearl puppy

(Neigepearl Legendry Storm), Storm. After carefully researching breeders for

many months, we thought we were happy to have a top quality, beautiful new

puppy with exceptional blood lines.


It was evident throughout our many visits to Brooke that Storm was raised

with the best of care in his first eight weeks of his life. Not only did we get a

great little pup, we got was SO much more from our breeder! Brooke has

been an absolutely wonderful friend to us, never hesitating to offer advice,

help with training, answering questions, and assisting in Storm’s progress

every step throughout the wonderful journey of Storm’s first few months of life!


Due to her show training lessons, Storm did very well at the White German

Shepherd Dog Alliance of Victoria’s 2009 Championship Show, gaining

Best Male puppy in Show, Best Puppy in Show and Puppy Personality

Class. Storm also competed in the Christmas break up party at the

German Shepherd Dog Club of Victoria (Skye) winning 1st in the Agility

Course, 2nd in the Tunnel Course, 3rd in the Fastest Recall.


These achievements were made possible because of the time, dedication

and advice Brooke spent assisting with training both myself (an inexperienced

dog handler!) and Storm.  Most importantly, Storm is a wonderful family dog, who enjoys spending time playing with the kids, and being a wonderful pet and companion!


We would sincerely like to thank Brooke for all the wonderful help and support she has given our family. We would also like to commend her on the wonderful job she does with all of their dogs within her fantastic breeding program. Now that we have seen for ourselves just how much planning and selfless effort Brooke puts into improving the breed, so has began our own passion and dedication to the breed. We would not hesitate to buy another puppy from our dear friend Brooke at Neigepearl!”


Natalie Castro Cruz, Victoria

“We purchased a White Shepherd (Neigepearl Superb Vitality) or Sheena to us from Brooke. Sheena is growing into a fantastic dog, with great intelligence and temperament. She plays with the pet rabbits & other animals we have. She also goes to work with me. The help we have received from Brooke & the get-togethers we have with White German Shepherd Dog Alliance have been life-changing.


I know Brooke spends a lot of time & money on her breeding program and it shows in Sheena and all the dogs that come from Neigepearl”.


Mark Healey, Victoria

Above: Sheena surrounded by rabbits. Yes, they are real!


“For many years I wanted to buy a White German Shepherd and I spent many hours over those years searching for the right breeder to go through when purchasing my puppy. Brooke Taylor and her breeding program ‘Neigepearl’ is by far the best breeding program I came across.


Brooke had not only been breeding great lines of White Shepherds for over 10 years but had achieved a line guaranteed to not have hip and elbow dysplasia. This is a huge deal for the breed, as is for any dog and owner, as it eliminates many years of physical pain for the dog as well as emotional pain and vet bills for the owner! This was just one part of her breeding program that made me choose Neigepearl.


I read about the history of her program and if it wasn't for Brooke, these beautiful animals would not be in existence in Australia today. She is a true hero for these dogs and knows everything about them!


On her website she gives brilliant advice on behaviour, socialisation, everyday treatments, exercise and much more... she really knows how to bring these dogs up well and therefore how to teach people in bringing them up with the same lifestyle.


Every puppy is hard work to start with, but with Brooke’s advice it is made a much easier process and enables you to enjoy your family member even more.


The White Shepherd is a breed that is so rare and beautiful; I can’t believe I have the privilege of one as a family member!


Kaicia, my little 7 month old girl, brings so much happiness to my life. She is certainly a cheeky one and has such a strong personality. I really don't know what I would do without her in my life now.


The Neigepearl breeding program is one-of-a-kind and Brooke isn't just a ‘breeder’ but really cares for each pup and where and who it is going to.


My initial enquiry was very detailed and informative and Brooke and I still to this day communicate about Kaicia and how she is doing. If I have a query I know I can contact Brooke any time for her help.


Brooke made the process personal and friendly enabling me to feel comfortable and welcome within the Neigepearl family.


As I said, it’s not just a breeding program but a process and something i feel truly involved with.


It doesn't just end once the money is paid... the communication, advice, updates and photos are continuous between us both and that's what makes this breeding program truly special.


I will definitely be getting another Neigepearl pup in the future and can’t wait!


Thanks for everything Brooke!”


Jaimi Racher, South Australia


“We always wanted a White Shepherd but were unsure of where to

start looking. After much research on breeders we were most

impressed by Neigepearl and contacted Brooke. And that's where

our wonderful journey started.


Her knowledge, love and dedication to the breed is extraordinary

and has to be admired. We were thoroughly impressed with her

commitment to constantly strive for the best for her dogs, and know

that their health and wellbeing is always her priority.


We were lucky enough to be selected and welcomed our beautiful boy

Ajax into our family. He is a credit to Brooke and her breeding ethics,

knowledge and hard work.


He is a much loved member of our family and is an extremely loving,

intelligent, playful and healthy dog. And a very handsome fellow he is too!


We remain in regular contact with Brooke and our extended

white Shepherd family who we met through Neigepearl.


Brooke is always there to answer questions and happily provides any

support or advice that is needed, and shares her knowledge freely.


We are so grateful that caring and ethical breeders like her exist,

with her main objective always the well being of the breed.


We cannot recommend Neigepearl and Brooke highly enough to

anyone who is considering sharing their lives with a White Shepherd.  


Ajax is our gorgeous boy and we will always be indebted to Neigepearl

for him.”


Gill Rea, Victoria, VIC, co-owner of Neigepearl Tokra Fury AI (Ajax)

Finn is an incredibly affectionate dog who never fails to get comments and questions from people when we're out and about.


He loves playing with his toys, going in the car and going to the beach.


Brooke is always glad to see new photos and hear about Finn's progress, and is always happy to answer any questions I might have.


A Hawkes, TAS, owner Neigepearl Shadowfax (Finn)


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