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If you are reading this, you are mostly likely aware what responsibilities

come with owning a dog.  Have a dog is a daily commitment for the the

lifetime of a dog to train, exercise and raise it properly.  Well behaved dogs are

always the result of the hard work of the owner.  

As well as the initial purchase price of the dog, you should consider

ongoing expenses such as vaccinations, worming, heartworm, desexing,

council registration, hip/elbow x-rays at 12-18 months old, grooming, 

quality food, kennels, toys as well as things such as a crate, bedding,

leads, collars etc. There is also a significant time commitment required for

socialisation, exercise and training. Don't forget the dog hair!

We only select the very best owners for our pups. The breed is a working

dog and a dog without a purpose or correct pack leadership, dogs can get

bored or destructive or develop behavioural issues. Our puppy buyers

must be knowledgeable about responsible pet ownership and be committed

to training .

Please read our Key Points for Raising a Well-adjusted Puppy article and the

many other articles featured on our Articles & Info page.


Our commitment to you is to provide you with a top quality White Shepherd,

whose parents have been carefully selected based on their health and

temperament, as well as DNA screened for many generations before them. 


We make a commitment to you in writing in our of Puppy Sale  Agreement and Guarantee, that each puppy we bred is guaranteed against any genetic disease.  A piece of our heart and soul is put into each puppy we breed, so each one is very special to us.

All our puppies are and are raised in a home environment (not a kennel).  All our pups are sold subject to our Puppy Sale Agreement which includes:


  • Lifetime genetic guarantee for all hereditary diseases including hip & elbow dysplasia


  • Their first vaccination (6 weeks old)


  • Regularly wormed from 2, 6 and 8 weeks' old


  • Micro-chipped and vet checked


  • Videos and photos available which document their growth from birth


  • Are hand-raised indoors in a family environment


  • Subjected to Early Neurological Stimulation and exposed to all normal house hold noises, such as television, vacuum, noises from the kitchen.   They learn how to play with toys, determine obstacles such as wading pools and play tunnels etc. All these things are proven to be beneficial to a pup's mental development.

  • Toilet training has already began before you take your puppy home

  • We make recommendations on their temperaments at around 6-7 weeks old. This makes it easier for you to choose the right puppy for your lifestyle and experience

  • Pedigree papered & registered 

  • Our very own original Comprehensive & Educational Puppy Pack (put together by breed experts, top trainers and behaviourists)


  • $100 Rebates for ANKC titles achieved (note: dogs must be desexed in order to compete)


  • Free training advice/behaviour consultations


  • Lifetime breeder support (goes without saying)


  • Free professional pet photography sessions for our website (within Victoria)

We are always available to answer any questions you may have, including temperament, health, your puppy’s behaviour and training etc. There is no question too silly, no question too difficult to answer!


We will always assist our puppy owners with any help or questions they have about training, but we recommend The K9 Company for your regular training routine (link below).


We are always there for our puppy owners whenever they need advice or help for the entire life of the dog.  Please read some of kind comments made by people who have bought puppies from us under our Testimonials page.


We keep in regular contact with all our puppy buyers, most of which end up becoming close friends. Many of our puppy buyers who have met at our social events have become close friends with each other too. It’s heart-warming to see friendly and like-minded people coming together and enjoying each other’s company, whilst enjoying their dogs.


We endeavour to help you understand more about canine psychology and behaviour, which makes it much easier to train your puppy. This results in a mutually respectful and truly heartfelt companionship between dog and handler. We absolutely love organising social days and training days for our puppy owners in parks, reserves and beaches and always include them in our close-knit community of happy and friendly dog owners.  


We live a few minutes from the beach and are also surrounded by beautiful parks and gardens.  Our dogs go everywhere with us, to cafes and bush walks. They are great around other animals are are very calm and well behaved. 


We are very committed to the breed and take our responsibility in creating little lives very seriously. We have worked extensively over the past 20 years in developing our breeding program and have spent countless hours pouring over pedigrees, health and genetics of dogs from all over the world.  


We know our own bloodlines extremely well. We track the health in the blood lines we use, so we breed with the knowledge in what we are producing and have the ability to produce. The dogs in our breeding program are exclusive to us, except in a few circumstances where we have sold puppies to top breeders overseas or worked in trusting co-ownership partnerships to further our bloodlines. We aim to produce the very best quality White Shepherds possible, using our excellent foundation lines and the best bloodlines from around the world.


We never breed litters for the sake of creating more puppies.  Each dog we breed with is genetically assessed in regard to their health, as well as the health of their ancestors and progeny. Conformation and temperament are also taken into consideration and we create puppies with the purpose of them being even better than their parents.  We believe if you are going to create a living animal, it should be done properly and with a genuine concern for breed improvement and producing sound and healthy dogs. We do not breed often - only every few years to preserve our unique and amazing bloodlines.


How We Raise Our Litters


We not only provide the right genetics, with considerable breed research, but provide the right environment which enables our puppies to develop to their highest potential.


We raise puppies indoors for about 4-5 weeks, before introducing them for longer periods outdoors where they can play in our large, secure puppy yard.  Our puppy yard is a large, fully artificial turfed area and access to our large yard and undercover areas.  Sleeping areas are warm and free of drafts.  We have obstacles for mental development, such as toys, sand pit/wading pool and more. We different kinds of toys and activities for their learning and stimulation.



The area is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected twice daily.  Puppies also spend a lot of time inside with us too, and sometimes we begin crate training if this is something owners would like us to do. We spend lots of time with them, watching them grow and develop, learning about their core personalities. We observe the pack hierarchy and have seen how their confidence levels can sometimes change when the puppies are exposed to new environments. We do lots of these kind of tests with them so we can get an informed insight into their temperaments.

Living in suburbia, our puppies are safely exposed to many different kinds of noises, preparing them for the world and building their confidence. 

Are you an inexperienced breeder and considering breeding your dog?  Please read this article first!


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