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Neigepearl breeder, Brooke Taylor, was founder and President (2000-2006) of the first official White Shepherd club in Australia. 


In the course of over 16 years, the Neigepearl (pronounced NEEJ-PEARL) breeding program has developed into a formidable force, purposefully centred on genetics, health, credible and reliable pedigrees, temperament, type and conformation. For Brooke, the Neigepearl breeding program is a serious hobby, with breed improvement and welfare as its sole priority.


Neigepearl Shepherd’s outstanding concern for the health of the dogs they produce is reflected by being Australia’s number #1 leader in producing the best hip and elbow scores. They proudly stand by their breeding program by offering the very best health and genetic guarantees with each and every puppy bred.


Brooke's journey into the breed first started in 2000, when she learnt of the controversy of the white German Shepherd and that they were commonly (and cruelly) culled at birth.


She passionately pursued the media about this horrible practice and promoted the dogs through various PR avenues, despite their unacceptable coat colour. 



Brooke gained support from animal welfare authorities, international breeders, and provided evidence that there was nothing wrong with White Shepherds that required them being destroyed at birth. This media attention subsequently brought the plight of the White Shepherd into the spotlight in Australia. 


In 2002, a popular national television show, ‘Burke’s Backyard’ approached Brooke wanting to produce a segment on the White Shepherd. You can view the segment here.  Only days before filming the television show, the German Shepherd Dog Clubs of Australia (and their state clubs) removed the culling clauses from their breeding practices documentation in an effort to avoid the controversy going public. This was the first step forward for the breed in Australia!



Other Involvement in the breed


As well as dedicating over 20 years to this serious hobby

of planning, developing and constructing a top quality

and international breeding program (exporting dogs to

top breeders in Europe), Brooke has also

been involved with training her dogs in several

disciplines, such as obedience, agility, sheep herding

and tracking.

Brooke’s other strong interests are assisting others with

training and behaviour advice and referrals, as well as

education around ethical breeding, health and genetics.

She has been an outspoken candidate for the breed,

educating the public about responsible dog breeding

and ownership.


Brooke has written many articles about the status of the

breed, stressing the importance of producing the best

dogs possible, sound in health, temperament,

conformation and type.


She is very passionate about the White Shepherd  community working together and breeders not being motivated by politics, financial or personal gain,  competition, egos and conflict. Brooke has fiercely encouraged the ideals of breeding for the ultimate goal of breed improvement to the breeding community.  She is unafraid to promote responsible breeding beliefs  in a manner that is conducive of the sole purpose and goal in breeding - putting the dogs and the breed first.


With everything else she has done over the years in the breed, Brooke has worked selflessly at developing, promoting and improving the Australian bloodlines, as well as working towards their recognition. Brooke worked very hard organising and conducting committee meetings, fun days and shows, and continued to promote the breed in magazines, newspapers, radio and on television.


In 2006, Brooke was invited to be a member by the committee of the Master Dog Breeders Association (MDBA), a first for any breeder in Australia to get an invite to. The MDBA is an Australian organization promoting elite and ethical dog breeding and educational courses for breeders who go above and beyond their normal breeding responsibilities.


Despite the Australian National Kennel Council's not accepting locally bred bloodlines, there are plenty of Neigepearl puppies and their descendants doing very well throughout Europe, where they are officially registered as White Swiss Shepherd Dogs under the FCI.  In fact, Neigepearl was the FIRST Australian breeder to export local bloodlines and have them recognised by the FCI as the new breed White Swiss Shepherd Dogs.


Since the creation of the Neigepearl breeding program, with several generations of Neigepearl's own breeding, no expense has been spared in bringing Brooke's breed improvement goals to perfection.


Neigepearl’s ongoing research, knowledge and producing ability is sheer proof that when the right combination of lines are artfully and strategically selected, with health, conformation, temperament and genetics as the main focus - without making sacrifices on those priorities, dreams really can come true.

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