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Neigepearl Princeton J'Far AI






























DOB: 30 March, 2012

MDR1 +/+ (clear) by parentage

DM: N/N (clear by parentage)

Hips 0:1

Elbows 0:0


2014: Jasper was awarded Runner Up Best in Show, and Best Dog in Show

under Ekaterina Kashcheeva (Russia)


It is no surprise that this lovely boy, Jasper has turned out the way he has, just look at the fantastic pedigree of dogs behind him!  Jasper is three generations of Neigepearl breeding (since 2003). 


Jasper has a pure white plush coat, black pigmentation, full dentition and desired eye colour.  He is a stunning type with excellent conformation. We are very proud of how he is maturing  and he is only going to get more beautiful and more masculine!



Click here for Jasper's Pedigree

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