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Unfortunately, we had a couple of puppy buyers who purchased dogs from us breach our puppy sale contracts and breed their pet quality puppies. This will cost us time and money to remedy.


Those people who have breached our contracts, will be dragged through the legal system in due course, as we deal with them one case at a time.  These people will face damages as well as having to return the dog to us for rehoming.


We do not take kindly to liars and those who go against our very straight-forward agreements. Our bloodlines are advertised as EXCLUSIVE to us here at Neigepearl.  In the rare circumstance that we allow our studs to be utilised by other breeders, there are agreements in place to maintain control of those lines and where they end up. We have not worked tirelessly for 15 years and sacrified so much to build our bloodlines, for people to wreck it all by breeding their pets to sub-standard dogs, with the risk of them ending up in the hands of puppy farmers and unethical breeders breeding only for money. Yes, we have seen this happen and are not just grand standing.


Most people are well aware of our dedication to the protection and improvement of our bloodlines and what we have sacrificed over the years to produce the best quality and healthiest white shepherds in the country.


We do NOT support anyone who thinks they can breed their dog with no knowledge or experience of breeding. Pet owners have no clue of health, genetics, what is contained in the lines for several generations, behaviour inhreitance, and all the other things such as conformation and type.


After all, these are OUR bloodlines, not yours and if you do not agree with the way we run our breeding program, please go buy a dog elsewhere.


Why BREED?  If it's not to IMPROVE the breed, do NOT do it.  No one should do one litter for the "experience" or money. Consider the wrath of a puppy buyer who thinks you ripped them off and sold them a puppy with problems and the threat and nusiance people can be, when you do the wrong thing. Consider the Law where it is now ILLEGAL to breed a dog with a heritable defect.  Do you want to be charged with doing the wrong thing?  Breeding is not as easy and simple as you might think.


In the past when we have advised people NOT to breed their PET dogs, and they did so regardless, karma has ended up biting them in the backside. They have either had to pay thousands for an emergency c-section, had the mother run away or lost a whole litter of dead puppies.  Breeding a pet quality puppy, especially when someone has no experience or knowledge is of NO SERVICE TO THE BREED and in fact, is a huge risk to your dog.  LEAVE THE BREEDING TO THE EXPERTS.


In the future, Neigepearl will NOT be selling entire puppies to ANYONE under any circumstance. All puppies will be desexed before leaving us.


Articles will be available soon.




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