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In the course of over 20 years, the Neigepearl (pronounced NEEJ-PEARL) breeding program has developed into a formidable force, purposefully centred on genetics, health, credible and reliable pedigrees, temperament, type and conformation.


For Brooke Taylor, her Neigepearl breeding program is a serious hobby, with breed improvement, heath and welfare as its sole priority.


Neigepearl Shepherd’s outstanding concern for the health of the dogs produced is reflected by being Australia’s number #1 leader in producing the best hip and elbow scores. Neigepearl proudly stand by their breeding program with confidence, by offering the very best health and genetic guarantees available with each and every puppy bred.


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Neigepearl’s ongoing research, knowledge and producing ability is sheer proof that when the right combination of lines are artfully and strategically selected, with health, conformation, temperament and genetics as the main focus - without making sacrifices on those priorities, dreams really can come true.


NEWS:  Neigepearl will only be breeding occasionally in future and focussing on specially selected bloodlines to go on with.  Neigepearl bloodlines are exclusive to Neigepearl only, unless express permission is granted and our terms agreed to.


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