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The Purpose and Function of our Puppy Sale Agreements (co-ownership agreements) 


Why do I place my breeding dogs out under co-ownership/partnership Agreement?


To put it simply, placing pups under a co-ownership/partnership Agreement is the only way I can protect the welfare of pups, and the only way I can improve, manage and ensure the quality and continuation of my breeding program.


Sadly, there are people in this world who want to breed dogs for money. There are also people over-breed dogs in poor conditions, using poor quality and unhealthy specimens. Backyard breeders, puppy mills and pet stores fall into this category.


It is very common for people operating these types of facilities to deceive puppy buyers into buying sub-standard dogs who suffer from all sorts of problems, where the dogs suffer from painful issues and disorders that are expensive to treat.


I have seen many awful things happen to dogs during my involvement with the breed and I will do my utmost to protect my puppies against bad owners and bad breeding practices. Please read more about the politics of the dog breeding world, which also discusses why so many dog breeders hide problems in their bloodlines. Breeding, Omerta & Politics


Many breeders (even some registered breeders!) are dishonest in their dealings with puppy buyers and don’t breed with any concern for health, temperament and breed knowledge.


It's not fair on the people who buy these puppies, and end up going through heartache and financial issues having to fork out for treating a puppy with a genetic disease, which could have been avoided by ethical and mindful breeding. I refuse to contribute to this unfortunate situation.


If by any chance, a pup of mine is abused, mistreated or dumped, the Agreement allows me to legally remove the puppy from that predicament.

If there was no co-ownership agreement, I would have no legal right to take the dog I bred back into my care and it could be euthanized or end up anywhere where I have no idea.


I care a lot about each dog I produce – for its entire lifespan. I care where my dogs end up and will do everything possible to avoid such situations in the first place.


I have seen other breeders willingly (and unwillingly) sell pups to puppy mills and pet stores. As much as I make sure that every pup I place will go to the best homes possible, the Agreement binds the owner to always do the best thing by the pup and in turn, the breed. It protects the puppy and ensures one of my pups can't end up in any breeding facility or unfortunate or unethical situation. 



A parent of this dog (below) is from a "registered breeder" who (is still breeding) sold to a puppy mill without a co-ownership agreement. As a breeder, you are a protector and improver of the breed. If you suspect a puppy is going to an undesirable home, it is your responsibility to do something about it! Not let this happen... really sad.

As well as avoiding these circumstances, our Agreement also acts as a guarantee against any serious hereditary disease. It is therefore for the ultimate benefit of the puppy buyer and the puppy to purchase under such an Agreement.


Here is a video of a puppy from another Australian breeder who used a stud dog with Degenerative Myelopathy and you can see it has been passed on to his offspring.  This breeder did not guarantee puppies or sell them under any Agreement.  

I have seen several cases of bad breeding and subsequent suffering of puppies since my involment in the breed.  That is why I do my very best placing my puppies in good homes, doing all I can in relation to breed improvement and health and providing genetic guarantees.  I would hate any puppy of mine to be used for breeding in an irresponsible manner and contribute to the backyard bred population of White Shepherds.


Breed improvement is my passion and a serious hobby. I spend copious amounts of money importing and sourcing new bloodlines and continuously aim to improve what I have produced with each generation moving forward.


I don't have a “kennel” where I can house several breeding dogs. Breeding is not a ‘business’ for me. I personally feel that if I had so many breeding dogs on my property, I would not have the time to provide each of them with the training, socialisation and attention they would require to be happy and well-behaved dogs that function positively within the community.  People know how much work raising and training just one dog is! I could not split my time up between so many dogs, where dogs don’t get sufficient individual attention. They are pets first and foremost and a dog is only as good as the time and commitment an owner makes for it.  It is for this reason, some credit to the continuation of the Neigepearl breeding program should go to my co-owners. 

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